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Experience the rich agricultural history of Blyth the moment you enter your relaxing comfortable suite. Furnished with a Queen bed and sitting area, you will feel at home in this industrial appointed room.
  • Room Service
  • Balcony / Terrace
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Satellite TV
  • Video/ DVD/ CD Player Available
  • Coffee Table
  • Hot / Cold Running Water
  • Extra Bed, Towels, Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Mineral Water
  • Mirror
  • Handheld Showers
Cancellation Policy Reservations cancelled 14 days or more prior to your booking date, will be fully refunded, minus a $45.00 administration fee. If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days prior to your booking date, we will have processed your payment in full, and no refund will be offered. However, please know that at the time of cancellation we will open up reservations for that room and inform everyone on our waiting list that the room is available. If we are successful in rebooking your room, we will refund all of your deposit minus a $45.00 administration fee. Pet Policy We are proud to offer suites that respect our guests with fragrance and allergen sensitivities. Therefore, we are a Pet Free Environment. We will be opening 1 inclusive suite on the ground level that will also accommodate service dogs. Projected date will be early 2023. Smoke-free Policy Hotel Lux is committed and proud to offer our guests a smoke-/vape/e-cigarette-Free environment. This is part of our Clean Air Policy. Our staff is trained to observe signs of smoking in the hotel. There is a significant room recovery fee for guests who do not comply in order to cover the extensive cost of restoring guest rooms to a clean air environment. Smoking is permitted 9 meters from the Hotel entrance. Clean Air Policy Hotel Lux has taken your comfort to all levels. We want you to breath easy while you are enjoying your room. Your rooms are cleaned with highly effective non chemical procedures. The bath products are all hypoallergenic. Laundry and dishwashing soaps are gentle on the environment and sensitive skin. Pillows and comforters are the hypoallergenic Smart Silk brand. Air is diffused with essential oils between guest stays. We have a strict Smoke-Free Policy as well as Pet Policy outlined in their own paragraph. Damage and excessive cleaning charge Hotel Lux understands that accidents happen and we appreciate that. We do pride ourselves on quality of linens and room experience and wish to maintain that quality while maintaining a fair room rate. There will be a charge when the cleaning of linens or the room go beyond the normal scope of preparation. Depending on the excessive damage or cleaning, there may be an extra charge on your credit card to cover that. Ranging from $50-$500. You will be notified before the charge is transacted. No Cooking in Hotel Policy Cooking of any type is not allowed in Hotel Lux.

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